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Structure and Shape of Glass Bottle and Jar

Are you thinking about using glass container for juice, water, source, beverage or more? Are you creating a glass bottle concept for your brand, the below glass bottle structure may give you some idea: Structure of glass container There are 7 parts in a glass bottle: Finish, Neck, Shoulder, Body, Bottom, Base and Label Panel Glass bottle finish type and their usage Liquids, chemical products, VMS, food Glass Bottles & Jars 1. Ring Finish 2. Crown Finish 3. CT for Al Cap (continuous thread) 4. CT for Plastic Cap (continuous thread) 5. Ring Pull 6. Anti-False Liquids Glass Bottles & [...]

Mistakenly Thought About Glass Container: Light weight glass bottle is easier to be breakage?

The main points of cold and hot end coating use and equipment maintenance. Glass bottles and jars production is a high energy consumption industry. With the tension between energy supply and demand, the cost of fuel and raw materials keep continuous rising. To be competitive in the industry, all glass bottle manufacturers are developing technology, for example, reducing   glass bottle weight, improving  glass bottle shape design, improving formula, optimizing mold design, improving previous manufacturing process, implementation of small-mouth pressure blowing and vertical cold air with molds, to reduces energy consumption, and innovates the speed and yield of bottle-making machines. Of [...]

Glass Container Defect and Solution: A Complete Guide to Help You Solve All Glass Packing Problem

Glass can be found almost anywhere: - Glass Bottle for water, juice, beer, - Glass Jar for sauce, food, coin, fruit,- Glass Container for storage article like needle, candy, bean- Glass mug or cup for drinks- Glass bowl for serving- Glass table, glass windlow, glass .... Hai Tak Pack is including in the everyday business for over 16 years,  focus on glass bottle & jar business, and we summaries the below glass packaging defect problem and solution for your information, so that you can have a better packaging for your brand image. Case: Wrinkle BodyCommonly found in: beverage and seasoning [...]

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