Glass can be found almost anywhere:
– Glass Bottle for water, juice, beer,
– Glass Jar for sauce, food, coin, fruit,
– Glass Container for storage article like needle, candy, bean
– Glass mug or cup for drinks
– Glass bowl for serving
– Glass table, glass windlow, glass ….

Hai Tak Pack is including in the everyday business for over 16 years,  focus on glass bottle & jar business, and we summaries the below glass packaging defect problem and solution for your information, so that you can have a better packaging for your brand image.

Case: Wrinkle Body
Commonly found in: beverage and seasoning bottle which have a concave label range in the body
Cause: insufficient blowing, raised by inadequate preheating, vent plugging
Solution: the problem may be missing by machine checking, and need QC to use hand to touch the glass bottle body to find out the problem.

Case: Chipped Finish
Cause:insufficient coating finish crashed with each other when packed
Solution: production line should adjust the finish coating to avoid the rough finish resulting into chipped finish problem. Inspectors check finish twice an hour. Once chipped finish problem found, should rework the production within 30 mins.

Case: Uneven Bottom
Cause: glass melt dropped or blow head settled off center
Solution: Correcting the location of the melt drop and blow head to get rid of the uneven bottom. Inspectors spot check uneven bottom. Once uneven bottom found, production line should rectify at the front end.

Case: Breakage
– Cause 1: low thermal shock resistance 
– Solution 1: for usually beverage and seasoning, glass bottle & jar should be thermal shock resistance ≥45℃, if the bottling temperature is much higher than regular case, thermal shock resistance should be settle higher accordingly

– Cause 2: defect seam line  
– Solution 2: during the glass container production, after melt drop moulding up, there is a step: use the clip to getting the bottle to reversal for shaping, any uneven for the clip will make defect seam line, and finally raise glass bottle breakage