The main points of cold and hot end coating use and equipment maintenance.

Glass bottles and jars production is a high energy consumption industry. With the tension between energy supply and demand, the cost of fuel and raw materials keep continuous rising. To be competitive in the industry, all glass bottle manufacturers are developing technology, for example, reducing   glass bottle weight, improving  glass bottle shape design, improving formula, optimizing mold design, improving previous manufacturing process, implementation of small-mouth pressure blowing and vertical cold air with molds, to reduces energy consumption, and innovates the speed and yield of bottle-making machines.

Of course, the lightening of the bottle is inseparable from the above improvements, but if the glass bottle internal pressure and impact is not strong enough, it will raise problem such as beer bottles and pressurized beverage bottles breakage. Therefor it give people an initially but mistakenly idea that lightweight not safe.

Until 1970s, with the development of glass bottle lightweight technology and high-speed filling line equipment for beer and beverage enterprises, and awareness of energy and resource conservation, more and more people pay attention to the surface enhancement treatment of glass bottles.

glass bottle surface enhancement treatment methods: coating , ion , exchange,  granulation, plastic coating , plastic wrapped and more methods.