Are you thinking about using glass container for juice, water, source, beverage or more? Are you creating a glass bottle concept for your brand, the below glass bottle structure may give you some idea:

Structure of glass container
There are 7 parts in a glass bottle: Finish, Neck, Shoulder, Body, Bottom, Base and Label Panel

Glass bottle finish type and their usage

Liquids, chemical products, VMS, food Glass Bottles & Jars
1. Ring Finish
2. Crown Finish
3. CT for Al Cap (continuous thread)
4. CT for Plastic Cap (continuous thread)
5. Ring Pull
6. Anti-False

Liquids Glass Bottles & Jars
7. Cork

Mainly Food Storage Glass Bottles & Jars
8. TO (twist off)

Label can put in the body or neck

You can put pattern or logo in the glass bottle shoulder, neck, bottom, base or body

Special shape like recess base and handle available

Popular bottle shape as below, more inspiration pls check our Pinterest